Welcome to my mutli-bookdom, I Hate The Holidays Giveaway!

Like the title says, I hate the holidays so I decided I’m going to give shit away. You’re welcome. 

What am I giving away you ask?

  • *game show host voice* From the TMI/TID fandom we have: One TMI shirt, size large. One strength rune button. One pack of Rune tattoos. Two posters (one Infernal Devices book promotion poster, one double sided COB poster). And one copy of Clockwork Princess, signed by Cassandra Clare.
  • For the Divergent fandom: we have a Four movie poster along with Faction stickers (I had to fight some 14 year old for the last two. I regret nothing), and a Divergent book box set.
  • For the Fault In Our Stars fandom: I have stickers with quotes on them. 
  • AND FINALLY, all three volumes of the Night World series because I love L.J. Smith and so I went out to buy them again for this giveaway. 
  • BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! I’m also throwing in a $50 gift card to Amazon because yeah.

*Each Night World book has three stories so that’s 9 books there, plus the Divergent trilogy. Holy shit 12 books (I could be wrong, I basically failed math in high school) how fucking cool are you. 

So Grinch are there any rules I gotta follow? Fuck yeah.

  • Reboobing is limited to 5 times, unless I state otherwise (which I probably will sometime before it ends), because I don’t want this clogging my dash, and no one wants to be spammed.
  • Likes DO count
  • I’m gonna be one of those assholes who make you follow them because I’m paying money to ship this, and I paid money to get all this. So fuck yeah, follow me.
  • If you win, you gotta read the books—if you haven’t already—and tell me whether or not you like them, kay?
  • If you give me your first born and a time machine you win it all. I’m just kidding, why the hell would I want your first born, that’s fucking weird.

When does your Giving Grinch ways end?

Giveaway ends December 30th, 2013. The winner will be picked by random number generator, and will be notified via ask, so keep those shits opened. The winner then has 48 hours to respond. Winner will be announced if and only if, they give me permission to do so. 

That’s it. That’s all. Go home. Nothing left to see here. 



yay almost at 2k followers so here’s a “not-actually-2k-giveaway”


  • tardis converse 
  • sherlocked mug
  • tardis christmas ornament
  • doctor who themed chocolate set
  • doctor who art print
  • superwholock art print
  • ugly cat christmas sweater
  • not ugly cat christmas sweater


  • i dont wanna be “that blogger” but actually i dont care so yea u gotta be followin me
  • likes count obvs
  • reblog as many times as u want idgaf
  • fuck that “dont annoy ur followers shit” theyre ur followers do what u want man i dont care
  • no like i literally dont care those are my only rules
  • and obviously your ask has to be open so i can tell you if u won
  • if u have questions message me
  • yes that is a rule
  • if i find out u had a question and did not ask me i will find you

if youre a guy and want things that arent cat sweaters or you dont like cat sweaters or you cant eat chocolate or you dont celebrate christmas or you dont wear shoes or you’re not an ugly-cat-sweater kinda dude or you have nowhere to put art prints or whateVER i will happily substitute p much whatever you want of equal value

honestly this is mostly a guideline substitute whatever the fuck you want if you win

like literally

i dont care

be happy

get stuff u like


*for every 500 notes this gets i will add another thing 

ends december 25th 

adding 4 things for 2,000 notes woo:

  • marceline shirt
  • tardis tea infuser
  • tardis shower curtain
  • mockingjay pin

again if u arent an adventure time fan or whatevs i can substitute stuff so do not fret my friends

In love with the doctor who art print!


Jesus Christ


Ariel sketch



Ariel sketch



10 Dating Tips From The Little Mermaid’s Ariel (In Gifs!)

I love Ariel but i Love her so much more this way


I love Ariel but i Love her so much more this way


Bayou Beauty Art Print

Once Upon A Dream Art Print



Thought these were cool